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Respa Adjustable

This is a recent addition to the Respa collection. Using the remote control, you can easily lower or raise the head and foot of the bed which are operated by two strong and almost silent electric motors, this bed is for those that want something far beyond the ordinary. The Respa Adjustable bed offers a complete range of functions for sleeping, rest and relaxation.


This innovative design is not just a very high quality adjustable bed; it’s also a very smart piece of furniture. The Respa Adjustable comes with a choice of either a pocket or foam mattresses.


The Respa Adjustable bed is ideal if you have decreased mobility or simply if you require great sleeping experience but also if you enjoy watching TV and reading or listening to music this is the bed for you. With the simple press of a button the head of the bed rises as much as you like for ultimate comfort for watching TV. Press another button and the foot of the bed rises taking you to the perfect resting position.

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