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The Renaissance suite will add a splash of timeless elegance to your living space. With chesterfield qualities and unbeatable comfort it is the perfect blend of luxury and stylish design. 


4 Seater:  H: 96.52 W:238.76 D:96.52

3 Seater:   H:96.52 W:209.55 D:96.52

2.5 Seater H:96.52  W: 182.88  D:96.52

2 Seater   H:96.52  W:162.56  D:96.52

Maxi Chair  H:96.52  W:137.16  D:96.52

Chair  H:96.5  W:2114.3  D:96.52

Queen Anne  H:111.76  W:86.36  D:91.44

Available in a range of colours. 

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